USA Basketball Trick Shot (Feat. Lebron, Kobe, Carmelo etc.)

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USA Basketball Trick Shot (Feat. Lebron, Kobe, Carmelo etc.)

Watch Dude Perfect Video: USA Basketball Trick Shot (Feat. Lebron, Kobe, Carmelo etc.). Straight up chillin' with Team USA Basketball

Music: "Give It Up Now" by Kingsfoil
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Big ups to Todd Womack for helping us film/hot tub!

The idea for the hot-tubbing question came from Ben & Skin, two baller radio dudes in Dallas. You should email them and tell them we should be guests on their show :) Email them here:

People are always asking us questions about our story & where our Go Big mindset came from. That's why we wrote a book about everything that's happened these past 3 years, called, you guessed it, "Go Big"

Thanks for hanging out with us! We love making these videos for you guys & we hope you'll subscribe if you're new! Remember to always Go Big!

- The Dude Perfect crew

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